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Stargaze truly calculates the exact location of the planets regarding the time you were born by using the data from NASA to form your birth chart. It transfers the relationship among planets, zodiac signs and houses to you in a way you can easily understand.

Birth charts lead us to grasp our life purpose and reach our full potential. They are like compasses which can show us the right way to follow in our lives. They guide us on understanding our strengths, weaknesses, possible discomforts and karma.

Moon Phases

Personalized Lunar Calendar

While the Sun rules our identity, the Moon expresses our emotions.

Our emotional strength and potential, how we experience emotions, how we express them, and what our inner world makes us feel are under the control of the moon. It has a helpful role in catching balance and harmony in social relations. The phases of the moon are also parts of the process, which is a larger journey


Ask a Question!

When will you meet the right person? How will your job interview go? Will you receive the money you have been waiting for? When will you get married?

Will the thing you have always dreamed of come true? When should you act on what’s on your mind? You simply have to ask; the map will answer your questions.

Let the stars speak and shed light on your life. Stargaze is simply one question away, here to help you guide you on your journey to finding answers.



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