Privacy Policy


As Stargaze, we attach importance to the protection and privacy of the information of our users (“User”) who benefit from our services. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) aims to inform users about how Stargaze uses the information it collects, the responsibilities of users and Stargaze's rules regarding the protection of confidential information.

1.What Information Our Company Collects and Why

In case you benefit from Stargaze services, certain information is collected for other processes such as performing your membership registration, providing you with the services you request, making comprehensive astrological evaluations and making payments.

Users share their information with Stargaze when they want to benefit from services containing astrological information, and to forward their requests, suggestions, and complaints to Stargaze or for other reasons. In this case, it conveys the users' other information such as name-surname, date of birth, gender, profile photo, place of birth, partner information, contact information, payment information, request, suggestion and complaint information, but not limited to these, which are listed in the GDPR and KVKK Clarification Text. Stargaze also uses your information to ensure that its services are working as intended. Following up on service interruptions or resolving the problems you reported to Stargaze are examples of this situation.

2. Our Purposes for Using the Information

Stargaze uses the information it collects about users mainly for the following purposes:

  • To provide services to users
  • Creation and interpretation of your astrological birth chart,
  • Evaluation of the transactions you have made for service procurement,
  • Creation of the membership record,
  • Management of personalized services and campaign processes, product development,
  • Verification of your identity,
  • Question answers you want from our application,
  • Offering special opportunities and promotions for you, preparation of campaigns,
  • Management of business processes,
  • Our advertising campaigns,
  • Collecting the fees for applications and services and transferring them to the institutions that will carry out the collection,
  • Ensuring your cyber security, evaluating your complaints, suggestions and requests,
  • To identify and fix systemic problems in the environments in which we offer our services; to carry out information security processes,
  • To measure user experiences through cookie technologies/cookies, to improve the performance of the environments in which we offer our services.

The purposes stated in this section express the general usage purposes of the information collected about the users. For information about Stargaze's purposes of processing customer personal data and other matters regarding the processing of personal data, please read the Customer GDPR and KVKK Clarification Text.

3. Transfer of Your Information to Third Parties

The information you provide to Stargaze may be transferred to third parties in order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes (for example, your information may need to be shared with the company providing service in this regard in order to receive technical support service). In this context, your information may be shared with our business partners and organizations that receive support within the scope of the service. However, when we are requested to share your information in order to fulfill our legal obligations, your information may also be shared with authorized persons, government institutions and organizations. When you use any of our services, we may disclose your personal information to the following parties:

a) To our group companies, to our partners who provide data processing services to us, to third-party payment service providers. For example, those who support or assist in maintaining the security and functionality of our Services, or otherwise process personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement or communicated to you when we collect your personal information.

b) To authorized law enforcement, regulatory, governing bodies, courts or other third parties to whom we believe disclosure is necessary.

c) To other persons to whom you have consented to be disclosed.

The information provided by the users will not be transferred to third parties, except for the purposes specified in the texts presented to the users and the conditions necessary for the provision of the service.

4. Storage and Protection of Your Information

Stargaze takes the necessary technical and administrative measures to protect the systems, servers and databases where your information is stored against data security threats (cyber attack, hash, etc.).

Stargaze only keeps credit card information encrypted and tokenized by the payment service provider and processes it for the purposes specified in this text. Your payment transactions are secured by the service provider. Stargaze does not store and use your credit card information for any other purpose. In order to match the user's existing memberships and enable them to use their cards as a payment tool in Stargaze, they can make a membership inquiry with the registered mobile phone number and, if the user has a membership, can provide information and guidance to the user to add the relevant card.

The user accepts that all responsibility for the security and storage of the system access tools (username, password, etc.) he uses in order to benefit from the services offered by Stargaze, and keeping it away from the information of third parties, belongs to him. When choosing a password, it is recommended not to use easy-to-guess passwords such as consecutive numbers and date of birth.

5. Accuracy and Timeliness of Your Information

The accuracy and timeliness of the information provided by the users is the responsibility of the users. Your information must be transmitted to us in a truthful manner and updated in case of a change in your information. You have the right to change and update the information you have shared with Stargaze at any time through the Stargaze application.

When you provide information to Stargaze on behalf of someone else, you undertake that this responsibility about information is correct and that you have the right/authorization to share the right and clean information with Stargaze.

6. Referrals to Third Parties

Stargaze may make referrals to third party links not operated by Stargaze. During your visit to any of the related links, you are subject to the privacy policies and terms of use of the third party you are visiting. Stargaze is not responsible for the policies and practices of such third parties. The User must be careful about hackers, virus danger in third parties online web sites.

7. Stargaze Rights to Change Mobile Application and This Policy

Stargaze reserves the right to change, suspend or stop the use of services, information, images and other elements without prior notice.

Stargaze reserves the right to make changes and updates on this Policy. It is the user's responsibility to follow the current version of the Policy. Stargaze will upload a new policy to the application as soon as possible when any changes happen.

8. Obligation

Stargaze will comply with the confidentiality provisions in line with this policy and protect the data you share technically and administratively. Stargaze has no control over the data processed by social networks, companies and banks that record financial information through plug-ins. Personal data policies published by the relevant social networks/finance companies should be carefully examined in order to get more information about the purpose, methods and duration of social networks and financial companies to process your personal data. Stargaze is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages and expenses that may arise as a result of any errors, interruptions, delays, viruses, line and/or system failures that may occur during the provision of our services in an electronic environment.